Balanced ATO Risk Strategies: Leveraging Dynamic Friction

Kevin Lee, VP of Digital Trust & Safety at Sift, and The Fraud Practice discuss the use of dynamic friction with account takeover risk screening, including strategies for applying this type of layered approach.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Three strategies and considerations for applying dynamic friction to the login event
  • The importance of communication between the ATO risk and transaction risk screening events
  • Maximizing user experience for users with low-to-moderate ATO risk at login
  • Understanding how to measure ATO risk exposure for your organization, and how much flexibility that allows with a dynamic approach to ATO

Secure your business from login to chargeback

Stop fraud, break down data silos, and lower friction with Sift.

  • Achieve up to 285% ROI
  • Increase user acceptance rates up to 99%
  • Drop time spent on manual review up to 80%
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