Building relationships with a direct-to-customer model

Harry’s is a care brand making thoughtful products for all men, with operations in North America and the UK. They design all of their products in their New York office and manufacture them in their factory in Germany, then sell direct to customers via Harrys.com and Target and Walmart stores. “No middlemen, no upcharges. That’s the Harry’s way.” Harry’s offers both Shave Plan subscription and a la carte services, allowing customers the freedom to order blades depending on how often they shave. No waste, no excess costs. Just high quality blades when their customers need them.


Taking a proactive approach to fraud

A few months after launching their business, Harry’s started considering the need for a proactive, scalable solution to put into place before fraud became a larger problem. Being a trustworthy site is critical to Harry’s business model and core beliefs, so getting the jump on fraud before it became a deep-rooted issue was essential.

Harry’s did see some fraud, mainly in the forms of promo abuse, payment abuse, account abuse, and friendly fraud. Resellers would make fake accounts to buy large quantities of blades and sell them them at a profit online, while other fraudsters would use Harry’s for stolen credit card testing. Some returning customers would try to game the system by canceling their subscription after having received product. Harry’s needed a solution that wouldn’t just stop all of these types of fraud, but would teach their fraud team about the tactics of bad users.

Kaity Reagle
“At Harry's, we don't want to just manage our fraud, we want to be problem solvers to fraud.”


Fast integration meets superior accuracy

The COO and Head of Engineering researched a number of different options, but the ease of integration and accuracy of Sift spoke to Harry’s needs. Once Harry’s reached out to Sift, integration was fast and the solution was quickly up and running, learning and adapting in the background.

Soon, Harry’s was using the intuitive Sift Console to pull Sift Scores, Network Visualizations, and social media data to investigate suspicious users. They were able to build an internal workflow around Sift Scores, the ranges of which helped Harry’s determine when to block or review.


Not just fraud management, but fraud prevention

Sift has been so effective for Harry’s that within the first two months of using the solution, their chargeback rate fell by 85%. And, despite experiencing rapid growth and increased volume, Sift’s accuracy is so high, and their fraud rate so low, that their full-time fraud team is comprised of just one person. As the system continues to grow increasingly automated, Harry’s is free to focus the majority of their efforts on providing quality products and experiences to their customers, while maintaining their reputation as a trusted brand.

“We now have something that automates and is personalized to us, so we can spend this womanpower, manpower, personpower, on being forward looking.”

—Katie Rogers, Director, Customer Experience