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How an email marketing platform reduced manual review time by over 90%

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A growing email marketing platform

This email marketing platform’s goal is to help businesses connect with their valued customers. The business has seen sustained growth in recent years.


Finding a solution capable of keeping up with their scaling business

Platforms that enable messaging are particularly susceptible to fraud. Access to messaging channels is invaluable to phishers, spammers, and other fraudsters, as the channels are generally trusted by consumers, but can be leveraged to send fraudulent messages. With the scale and severity of spam and scams increasing across the board, the onus is on sending providers—especially those that enable messaging without human verification—to protect the health of their network. It was critical for this company to prevent these attacks from reaching end users and consumers, as they can fall victim to fraud unknowingly enabled by the platform.

The marketing platform began to scale their business faster than their manual vetting processes would allow, and they knew they needed a solution that could keep up. During their evaluation process, they identified a few key criteria, including uptime, affordability at scale, model customization, data sharing and app integrations, and ability to automate common support tasks such as account disablement.

Integrating with Sift is super flexible and makes it a breeze for agents to disable fraudulent accounts.

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Leveraging Sift Content Integrity to prevent content abuse before it starts

The company chose Sift for a multitude of reasons, including a positive experience using Sift during a prior working relationship and the ease of integration. The customization of the Sift model was a major factor, as the model learns based on trends specific to the company’s user base and unique fraud signals to more accurately detect abuse. Sift also gives them the ability to observe user-level risk as well as content-level risk to get a clearer picture of fraud on their platform. 

They began using Sift Content Integrity to identify the full scope of their fraud problem, and to help automatically squash abuse before it starts. The content model implementation makes it simple to integrate data and understand which actions trigger workflows. They’re now able to identify groups of fraudsters and associated accounts to keep fraud rings from compromising their ecosystem.

Using Sift, the company’s fraud prevention team is able to auto-disable accounts at various touch points if the Sift Score exceeds a certain threshold, and/or multiple suspicious conditions are detected at account signup, account update, content creation, or content update. They’ve also layered in some of their internal data to send to Sift to meet specific conditions for disablement in a single place, which has helped the team stay nimble and adapt to any new abuse vectors. The simple integration also makes it easier for agents to make educated decisions by leveraging shared data from multiple sources.

Sift can help significantly reduce the frequency and time sensitivity of processes that are likely manual for many businesses today.

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Reducing manual review, streamlining verification, and reducing support tickets

The company has been able to remove a considerable amount of manual validation of all new customer accounts as a result of Sift’s solution. By automating common support tasks, such as account disablement, they’ve eliminated thousands of hours of work doing manual account vetting, as well as time spent by customers waiting for their accounts to be validated. It has amounted to an over 90% reduction in manual review time for accounts annually, from 5,000 hours to under 500. Leveraging Sift has also enabled them to eliminate 200,000 hours of wait time for customers’ flagged accounts to be validated, resulting in a reduction of 20,000 support tickets annually and a superior onboarding experience.

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