Turning Coal Into Gold

How Patreon Optimized Chargebacks and Risk to Increase Revenue

After every successful holiday shopping season comes the unwanted rush of chargebacks. In this webinar, we’ll discuss best practices and lessons learned by Patreon as they turned chargebacks representment and fraud prevention from a clunky, unscalable process into a revenue opportunity.

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In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Real examples of how Patreon streamlined both chargeback and risk management
  • How to leverage automation to turn your chargebacks into a revenue opportunity
  • How to prevent fraud on your platform to cut down on chargebacks

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Kevin Lee – Panelist

Trust and Safety Architect, Sift Science

Kevin Lee is driven by building high performing teams and systems to combat malicious behavior. He has worked for the last 10+ years around developing strategies, tools and teams responsible for billions of users and dollars of revenue. Prior to Sift Science, Kevin worked as a manager at Facebook, Square and Google where he lead various risk, chargeback, spam and trust and safety organizations.

Maritza Dominguez – Panelist

Trust & Safety Manager, Patreon

Maritza Dominguez is a fierce fraud fighter and a seasoned chargeback guru. For the past 8 years, she has worked in a different segments of e-commerce, developing fraud prevention strategies, identifying trends in payment failures, and creating chargeback best practices. Maritza currently works for Patreon, as a manager on the Trust+Safety team; fighting fraud, disputing chargebacks, handling account security, and enforcing copyright policies.

Adrian Sanders – Panelist

CEO and Founder, Chargehound

Adrian Sanders solves business problems using next-generation technology. He cofounded Chargehound to deliver automation to the industries that need it most, unlocking efficiencies and recovering cash for merchants across retail, travel, digital services and more. Previously, Adrian cofounded Beacon, a platform that raised millions for journalists around the world.

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