Finding the Sweet Spot for Handling Chargebacks

Whether you’re a large or small retailer, chargebacks are a financial and administrative headache.  Although chargebacks are intended to protect consumers, chargeback fraud is increasing as fraudsters seek refunds for purchases they falsely claim to have made.

The pandemic no doubt impacted the surge of ecommerce fraud. This surge can be difficult for retailers newer to ecommerce, as well as those who don’t have the experience or IT bandwidth to tackle each claim.  Retailers must find new ways to identify and address the fraudulent chargebacks in real-time but still pinpoint and process the correct ones—all while maintaining a smooth customer experience.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The impact of chargebacks on retailers
  • Types of chargeback fraud retailers must guard against
  • Why traditional retail solutions for addressing chargeback fraud may not be sufficient
  • How new retail solutions that use AI technology and machine learning can help retailers weed through chargebacks efficiently

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