Dangers of the Deep and Dark Web for Fintech Companies

​In 2020, nearly half (47%) of companies were impacted by scammers and identity theft. With more business being done online, companies are increasingly opening themselves up to cybersecurity risk—and for fintech companies, that risk is especially significant.

From banking and lending information to personal data, fintech companies are major targets for online scammers. Highly motivated and sophisticated fraudster communities operate on the deep and dark web, and without the right security, fintech companies are vulnerable to attacks—resulting in data-breach lawsuits and loss of customer trust. In this webinar, we cover the latest tactics of fraudsters operating on the deep and dark web, and how fintech companies can successfully protect themselves going forward.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The types of deep and dark web threats and their impact
  • Where typical cybersecurity measures fall short
  • How to balance increased security with customer relationships

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