Maximizing Mobile Opportunities


Maximizing Mobile Opportunities

As a key player in so many customers’ journeys, the mobile channel offers many opportunities to delight and increase sales. You can target promotions to a user’s preferences, serve up personalized content, and maximize your brand awareness at key moments.

But if fraud prevention isn’t a key consideration of your omnichannel strategy, these opportunities can’t be realized. If you can’t connect the dots across all the various user touchpoints, you risk (for example) flagging legitimate customers as false positives, or letting fraudulent transactions through.

Read this ebook to learn:

  • Stats and trends on mobile usage and shopping
  • 3 opportunities afforded by the mobile channel
    • Over-deliver on omnichannel
    • Simplify checkout
    • Embrace easier authentication
  • How Sift can help you make the most of those opportunities



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