Deploying Digital Trust & Safety

A step-by-step guide to building a world-class fraud prevention operation

Over the last two years, there has been a fundamental shift in how businesses approach fraud prevention. Fighting fraud is no longer simply loss prevention, payment fraud detection, or risk mitigation.

Leaders in industries like e-commerce, fintech, and food & beverage have abandoned this mindset in favor of Digital Trust & Safety‚ÄĒan approach that strategically aligns risk and revenue decisions to not only protect a business and its customers, but to fuel explosive growth.

Digital Trust & Safety is the key to not only protecting your business but growing it. But how do you implement Digital Trust & Safety? Explore the three core elements to successfully rolling out a Digital Trust & Safety approach. 

Proactively prevent fraud across a variety of use cases and fraud types, including account takeover (ATO), content abuse, promo abuse, and synthetic fraud, as well as the need to deliver frictionless customer experiences for trusted users.

Read this guide to learn:

  • The three crucial components to building and implementing a successful Digital Trust & Safety strategy
  • Why context is critical to effectively combating fraud
  • The tools and data you need to support your trust and safety operation, demonstrate your value to other departments, and become a revenue driver for your business

Secure your business from login to chargeback

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  • Achieve up to 285% ROI
  • Increase user acceptance rates up to 99%
  • Drop time spent on manual review up to 80%
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