Digital Security Playbook: Building trust and loyalty online


Digital Security Playbook: Building trust and loyalty online

Consumers are rapidly growing more aware of the risks of online and mobile shopping. They expect the merchants they buy from to prioritize their protection, and will shape brand opinions based largely on a company's known (or unknown) ability to keep their information secure. In fact, 80% of first-time shoppers expect small merchants to implement whatever measures are available in order to protect customer data—even if it adds friction to the user journey.

Download this new report now to learn how merchants can use advanced data security methods to build customer trust, and:

  • How to best “signal” the trustworthiness of your business to consumers, and maintain user confidence in your brand
  • What it takes to protect data from the merchant side while ensuring that customer security measures are transparent and user-friendly
  • How to choose the right fraud prevention partner or platform to stop abuse without blocking legitimate transactions or slowing growth

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