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How PartnerStack safeguards its platform and creates a network of trust

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Partner relationship management platform and network

PartnerStack is an all-in-one partner relationship management platform designed to accelerate growth for software businesses and their partners. As the only partnerships platform built for B2B SaaS, PartnerStack enables companies to reach more customers by automating the toughest parts of building, managing, and scaling partner programs. The network supports affiliate, referral, and reseller channel partners on a single platform to drive recurring revenue. 


Finding a fraud solution to protect customers, partners, and their own business

PartnerStack was initially only focused on transactional fraud on the end-customer side, but soon started to see fraudulent behavior on the partner side as well. They were faced with self-referral abuse, in which sellers tried to impersonate themselves and use their own link to generate revenue, at the expense of PartnerStack. Fraudsters were also attempting to game the rewards system by signing up for as many programs as possible. 

As these more advanced forms of fraud began popping up, the team recognized they needed a more sophisticated solution. Their original fraud platform was outdated, limited to email address and IP signals, and simply couldn‚Äôt keep up with the abuse they were battling. As a publicly-accessible marketplace, it was crucial for PartnerStack to maintain a trustworthy and secure platform‚ÄĒfor customers, partners, and their own bottom line.


Launching a white label solution with Sift Payment Protection

After researching leading fraud prevention solutions, PartnerStack ultimately chose Sift due to the global network of 34k sites and apps, easily-digestible data visualization, and ability to accurately automate decisions. Sift is now the only fraud platform in PartnerStack’s toolkit, and has even become a white label feature for their partners and vendors. Sift Payment Protection is integrated as a system of the partner platform, giving vendors control over their own partner network.

Sift has provided PartnerStack with the ability to find duplicate users and identify networks of fraudsters, which has proven vital to refining and safeguarding their partner network. The Sift Workflows feature helps the team stay efficient by leveraging machine learning models and real-time scoring based on more than 16k fraud signals.

The two things we really love are the workflow automation and ability to identify networks of fraudulent activity.

Michael Kim, Trust and Platform, PartnerStack


Creating a network of trust with Sift and PartnerStack

Trust is a priority for PartnerStack, making the partnership with Sift all the more important. As a B2B company, and especially as a partner platform, having a strong network is PartnerStack’s biggest value sell, and Sift is a huge part of ensuring the marketplace is safe and secure. Sift’s Digital Trust & Safety Platform enables PartnerStack to protect over 500 internal vendors worldwide.

During one large-scale attack, 50,000 illegitimate accounts were created and used to sign up for a vendor’s program in the span of a week to generate free rewards. Sift identified repeating customers and invalid users, launching targeted bans based on account risk thresholds. By running this activity through Sift and proactively shutting the fraudulent accounts down, PartnerStack helped the vendor secure $100k and saved their relationship with the company.

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