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  • PartnerStack

    50,000 fraudulent partners blocked and $100k in vendor revenue secured.
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    Swan Bitcoin

    Over 90% reduction in loss rate and 80% less time spent on manual review.
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    Reduced fraud and false positives while streamlining the fraud detection process.
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    Coffee Meets Bagel

    Fewer fake profiles and a streamlined review process.
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    Qube Money

    A 285% return on investment and 0.1% fraud rate.
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    Paula’s Choice

    Reduced chargeback rate to 0.2% and achieved a 6x ROI.
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    Chicago Music Exchange

    13.7x ROI and millions in transactions secured per year.
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    99% new user acceptance rate and 0.01% credit card/ACH fraud rate.
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    Taptap Send

    0.1% chargeback rate and 96% score precision.
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    Luxury retailer

    Luxury retailer reduced 98% of EMV-related disputes and won back half a million in revenue.
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    Major airline

    Major airline stopped 33% of initiated disputes and saved hundreds of thousands in revenue.
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    30% increase in win rate, fewer chargebacks, and more retained revenue.
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    95% reduction in promo abuse and 90%+ score precision in the U.S.
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    Reached 133% return on investment and reduced manual review time by 50%.
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    Fraud losses down to 1.6% of what they were prior to Sift and manual review reduced by 14-18 hours.
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    Prevented thousands of dollars a day in fraud losses and increased review efficiency 2x-3x.
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    Favor Delivery

    Chargebacks reduced by 77% and 3.5x ROI using Sift.
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    8-10 hours a week in manual review eliminated and thousands in fraud losses prevented annually.
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    $350k+ saved annually and 2x ROI using Sift.
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    65% reduction in ATO and hours of manual review eliminated.
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    Atom Tickets

    Chargebacks reduced by more than 50% and $20-30k a month saved.
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    98% reduction in overall fraud and 100% of ATO blocked.
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    10x faster at resolving attacks and greater opportunity for global market expansion.
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    99% review accuracy and lower fraud.
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    $15K saved in the first week and 75% reduction in manual review time.
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    Streamlined fraud management flow and improved user experience for 35 million global members.
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    0 full-time people dedicated to fraud and 0 false positives.
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    Touch of Modern

    High accuracy with real-time machine learning and saved thousands in potential losses.
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    $1M saved in the last year and 99% reduction in chargeback rate.
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    80% drop in chargebacks and large gains in team efficiency.
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    50% reduction in chargebacks and lower false positive rate.
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    95% reduction in content abuse and fraud losses.
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    $1M+ in attempted fraud prevented and constantly falling fraud rate.
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    More conversions and less account takeover.
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    2M+ global users and less friction for trusted customers.
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    Highly accurate scores for automation and streamlined, data-driven decisions.
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    77% drop in dispute rate and 100-150 manual review hours saved monthly.
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    60‚Äď70% reduction in spam content and more frictionless environments for valued users.
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    25% drop in chargeback rate and 5x ROI with Sift.
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    75% reduction in fraud losses and much less time spent managing fraud.
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    150,000 users worldwide and millions of dollars in bitcoin saved.
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    Creative Market

    500% decrease in manual review time and 1-click checkout for trusted customers.
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    70% fewer orders reviewed and significant decline in fraud rate.
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    Accurate results and no in-house fraud or extra security checks.
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    85% reduction in chargeback rate with a full-time fraud team of one.
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    50% fewer manual reviews and 20% reduction in new user reviews.
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    5x increase in manual review efficiency and 80% reduction in time spent on fraud management.
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    Saw useful results immediately after setup and constant improvements in accuracy.
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    2% revenue saved and 95% drop in chargebacks.
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    • Achieve up to 285% ROI
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    • Drop time spent on manual review up to 80%
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